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Water Damage - $81,000

Our clients’ home was damaged when water came in through the roof.  After we met with the insurance adjuster on top of the roof and pointed out the areas of damage, we were able to settle the case.

Water Damage - $30,000

Our client’s home was flooded after his hot water heater in his attic leaked.  Prior to hiring our firm, the insurance company wouldn’t pay the claim and stopped returning our client’s calls.  We quickly convinced the insurance company to pay the claim in full.

Collapse and Sinkhole Claim – $294,000

The insurance company denied our client’s claim, saying that it didn’t have to pay the claim because the damage was caused by decaying organic soil.  We filed suit and, after a week-long jury trial, won the case.

Sinkhole Damage - $120,000

Herman & Wells was retained to fight a denied sinkhole insurance claim.  After a lawsuit was filed and litigated, we were able to resolve the case for our clients.

Hail Damage to Roof - $10,000

The insurance company denied our clients’ insurance claim for hail damage after it hired an engineer who said that the roof did not need to be replaced.  We sued the insurance company and were able to settle the case for our clients.

Bad Faith - $85,000

The insurance company refused to settle the claim.  We filed a lawsuit and after a jury trial, the insurance company had to pay the full policy limit and bad faith damages.