Liability Insurance Coverage Attorneys

When a claim arises against you or your business, you turn to liability insurance to protect you.  Liability insurance provides insurance coverage for you when you or your business has been sued. Liability insurance companies are supposed to defend you against claims and pay the damages associated with those claims. But, liability insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations and conditions that may be used to deny coverage or reserve the right to later deny coverage.  In some cases, insurance companies file lawsuits against their own insureds asking for a declaration that no insurance coverage is owed.

How Herman & Wells Helps

We help clients with liability insurance issues and have experience handling liability insurance claims made under different kinds of policies:

  • Commercial general liability policies
  • Personal and advertising injury coverage policies
  • Professional negligence and malpractice policies
  • Personal lines insurance, such as homeowners and personal auto policies

If you have a Florida liability insurance coverage issue, please call us to speak with an attorney at 727-821-3195.