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We represent injured persons and their loved ones in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and around the state of Florida.  We have successfully litigated and negotiated cases against nearly every major insurance company in the state and represented people who have sustained almost every type of injury imaginable.  We maintain personal contact with our clients from the first call, to the original meeting, through the entire personal injury claim process, negotiations, and trial.

Personal injury is a term that encompasses all tort litigation whether it involves a car accident, product liability, premises liability, or even intentional conduct like assault and battery. Tort litigation pits an injured person against the individual or corporation responsible for causing the injuries.  It also includes cases against insurance companies that are contractually required to provide coverage for the injuries.

Some cases can be resolved during the pre-litigation phase of the claim. Other cases require litigation or trial. 

A personal injury claim can take months or years to resolve and each case is unique. Most cases begin with our firm gathering information about your case and about the party responsible for your injuries.  We investigate your claim and deal with the insurance company while you concentrate on making the fullest and best recovery possible.  After investigating the facts, we present the case to the insurance company in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve without resorting to litigation.

But sometimes an insurance company refuses to act reasonably and we must file a personal injury lawsuit.  When we file suit, we are prepared to personally see the case through all the way to a jury trial.  We believe that preparing a case for a personal injury trial is essential to settling a case for its maximum value. 

If you have an injury related question or believe you may have a case, please call Herman & Wells at 727-821-3195 to speak directly to an attorney.  You may also fill out the form to the right. 

We will evaluate your case free of charge.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.  You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

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