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How much is my personal injury case worth?

The value of every personal injury case is determined by two essential factors: liability and damages.

When we are determining liability, we are looking at whether your injuries and damages were caused by another person or business’s negligence.  When a jury decides a case, they place a percentage of fault for everyone involved.  Sometimes a single person caused all of the injuries and is 100% at fault.  Other times, fault is split up between more than one person or business.  In most cases, a person is only liable for his or her portion of fault.  So – if someone is 50% at fault, that person would only be liable for half of the damages.

And what are damages?  Damages are how the legal system measures the how your life has been changed for the worse because of the negligence of the at-fault party.  For example, if a truck driver drove recklessly and crashed into your car, we look at where your health, your finances, and your life would have been if there was no crash and compare that to where your health, finances and life are because of the crash.  The damages are the gap between where you would have been and where you are.  A recovery of all your damages should make you whole by making up for the injuries, expenses, losses, and life changes caused by the accident.  Specific examples of damages include medical and other bills, lost wages and earning capacity, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.















We determine how much a case is worth by starting with two questions:

How did you get hurt?


How have you been affected because you were hurt?

Then we gather all the other facts and evidence that a jury will see in a trial.  We talk to witnesses who saw you get hurt, and we talk to witnesses who have seen the impact of those injuries on you.  We obtain medical records and look at them to see how your body was injured and changed because of the accident.  We anticipate the arguments that defense attorneys and insurance companies will make to try to drive the value of the case down.  Then we apply our experience and knowledge of the law to this case.

Our jobs as lawyers is to gather all of the information about your case, assess your case and tell you what we think, negotiate for you with insurance, and represent you at trial.

“How much is your case worth?” is the critical question when discussing whether to settle a case.  For cases that don’t settle, it’s the question the jury will answer in a trial, after we present them with the evidence about how you were hurt and what it will take to make you whole again.

If you want to talk with us about how much your case is worth, call us at 727-821-3195 or contact us through the form to the right.  We’ll sit down with you, talk about your case, and explain your options, all at no cost.